September 22, 2019


Welcome to….. Hunting for Fairy Tales of the Yeti! Follow and join us as we create and perform within… [more]

Welcome Welcome

All footsteps lead to home

How, what and wow! What a welcome back into the UK classrooms and just look at what we got up. I’ve… [more]

All footsteps lead to home All footsteps lead to home

Packing my bag

We are taking ours bows fairy tale hunters as we slip from the views of our hosts on this side of the… [more]

Packing my bag Packing my bag

Jyāmphi Moong.

Once upon a time, in the valleys of the highest snow covered mountains of the world, there lived a shepherd. To… [more]

Jyāmphi Moong. Jyāmphi Moong.

In the shade with Rabindranath Tagore.

Welcome to the peaceful abode that is Shantiniketan and the home of the schools of Visva-Bharati created… [more]

In the shade with Rabindranath Tagore. In the shade with Rabindranath Tagore.

In the Saddle of Kalimpong.

Welcome and great salutations to all Fairy Tale Hunters of the world. This time you find the hunter gliding… [more]

In the Saddle of Kalimpong. In the Saddle of Kalimpong.

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These are the children of Mayel Lyang Academy, in the Lepcha valley of Dzongu and this is how they helped us in our great search for fairy tales in the Himalayas. The story went something like this. Let’s begin by by drawing ourselves. Now let’s try to imagine a creature on the land… Now … [Read More...]


“Cumree, Dashi-deli and Sewaroo” global fairy tale hunters and followers of our quest. Just in case that’s all a bit double-dutch, then it’s a big hello in the local languages of the Lepcha, Bhutia and Limboo nations. Wow what a journey we continue to have! I had a whirl-wind jumble-ride of night … [Read More...]


Welcome back Fairy Tale Hunters. I hope you have enjoyed the last few articles I have put on the web-site. What a great time we have had discovering lost stories of the yeti and meeting master fairy tale hunters. Not to mention tracking goats, tigers and wolves. Take a look at the school workshop … [Read More...]


The students of Life Vision Academy spent their final workshop day with Andy remembering all the fun we have had together. We wrote down our memories and ideas for future work and then we celebrated with one final fairy tale story! It went something like this….. The Yeti’s Coat. A Fairy Tale of the … [Read More...]


The Wolf and Goat Stories. A workshop at Life Vision Academy. The Story Once upon a time there lived a father and his only daughter, her mother having died. The father decided that it would be a good idea to get married again. When the new wife arrived to live with them she brought … [Read More...]


Namaste global fairy tale hunters, I hope you are continuing to enjoy our adventure as I hunt for fairy tales of the yeti in Nepal. Mission control, back in the UK, tells me that we have had over 1000 visitors to our website. If you have recently found us then welcome aboard, and please join the … [Read More...]